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Supervisory Management Program

Professional Certificate in Supervisory Management

Monthly Classes Ongoing Throughout 2023

$3,450 (full program) • $1,150 (individual course)

NAMA & Michigan State University

3 Courses • 12 Weeks • 100% Online

The next generation of leaders faces a workplace in constant change, from innovations in technology and work processes to younger employees placing a greater emphasis on purpose and engagement in their work. This new reality requires new kinds of managers, supervisors and team leaders. Are you prepared to meet this workplace transformation as a next-generation leader?

Take the next step for your career by upskilling with a Professional Certificate in Supervisor Management from Michigan State University, in partnership with NAMA. Developed by leading faculty and management researchers at MSU’s Broad College of Business, this certificate is designed with you, the emerging leader, in mind.

Course Descriptions

Management Essentials — Management Essentials covers a wide range of fundamental concepts crucial for new managers who are faced with supervising direct reports for the first time. With four primary focus areas, the course will provide you with a toolkit of how to direct and manage, best practices for managing diversity in the workplace, the importance of decision making and communication and the key principles of people management.
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Leadership Essentials — Leadership Essentials covers a wide range of fundamental concepts, methods and practices designed to help mold leaders responsible for translating the vision, mission, and objectives to an organization’s first-level or departmental employees. With four primary focus areas, the course will provide you with the strategies and techniques for effective leadership in a supervisory role, self- and team-discovery through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment, successfully leading people and processes and using leadership behavior to overcome challenges.
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Essentials Analytical Skills — This course grounds you in the principles of critical thinking and human reasoning for informed problem solving and decision making. The course provides you with the strategies and techniques of critical thinking, how to best utilize thinking and reasoning in the operational environment, methods for leveraging data analytics and turning that data information into the action of effective problem solving.
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These courses will be offered multiple times in 2023, beginning February 1st, in the sequence of Management Essentials, Leadership Essentials and Essential Analytical Skills. To receive the certificate, students must complete all three courses.

  • February, March, April 2023
  • April, May, June, 2023
  • June, July, August, 2023
  • August, September, October, 2023
  • October, November, December, 2023

Now is the time to invest in yourself and advance your career! Leadership awaits you.


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