NAMA Listed Models for
Minus Forty QBD Corp

30 Armstrong Ave.
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, L7G 4R9
Phone: 800-702-1441
Web Site:

Effective Date

Frozen Packaged Perishable Foods
07-CSGF-L2-1C00*-*********** Feb 2023
13-USGF Mar 2014 Out of Production
13-USGF-F2-1C00*-*********** Dec 2018
13-USGF-L1-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
13-USGF-L2-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
19-USGF Mar 2014 Out of Production
19-USGF-F2-1C00*-*********** Dec 2018
19-USGF-L1-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
19-USGF-L2-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
22-USGF Mar 2014 Out of Production
22-USGF-F2-1C00*-*********** Dec 2018
22-USGF-L1-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
22-USGF-L2-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
Hot Packaged Perishable Foods
22-USGW-F2-1Z00*-*********** Aug 2023 with Full-door height and Smartlock
22-USGW-L2-1Z00*-*********** Aug 2023 with Light display and Smartlock
Hot Packaged Perishable foods
22-USGW-LP-1Z00*-*********** Aug 2023 with Light display, Smartlock, and Payterminal
Refrigerated and Frozen Packaged Perishable Foods
22-UDGH-L2-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
Refrigerated Packaged Perishable Foods
13-USGR Mar 2014 Out of Production
13-USGR-F2-1C00*-*********** Dec 2018
13-USGR-L1-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
13-USGR-L2-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
19-USGR Mar 2014 Out of Production
19-USGR-F2-1C00*-*********** Dec 2018
19-USGR-L1-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
19-USGR-L2-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
22-USGR Mar 2014 Out of Production
22-USGR-F2-1C00*-*********** Dec 2018
22-USGR-L1-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
22-USGR-L2-1C00*-*********** Feb 2017
43-UDGR-L1-1C00*-*********** Jun 2020
Refrigerated Packaged Perishable Foods and Ambient Storage
14-UDGC-L2-1C00*-*********** Jun 2022
14-UDGC-SW-1C00*-*********** Jun 2022
All units equipped with health lock out controller, for use in unattended installations. Point of Sale (POS) terminal, model # SATURN1000-E UPT by Castles Technologies, may be used as an optional device.

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