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Automated Merchandising System, Inc.

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Kearneysville, WV 25430
Phone: 304.725.6921
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Effective Date

Packaged Non-Perishable Foods
AMS 35 X-XX* Aug 2002
AMS 35-VCB Apr 2004
AMS 35C Jul 2022
AMS 39 X-XX* Aug 2002
AMS 39-VCB Aug 2002
AMS 39-VRM Apr 2004
AMS 39C Jul 2022
AMS LC5 Aug 2011
AMS LC9 Aug 2011
AMS LTB5 Oct 2019
AMS LTB9 Oct 2019
AMS LTB9ES Feb 2021
AMS TL 39 Jan 2018
AMS TL39-XXX Oct 2020
AMS-LTE5 Feb 2020
Packaged Perishable Foods
AMS LTC5 Oct 2019
AMS LTC9 Oct 2019
AMS LTF5 Oct 2019
AMS LTF9 Oct 2019
AMS LTF9ES Feb 2021
AMS LTS9 Oct 2019
AMS LTV9 Oct 2019
Packaged Perishable Foods / Bottled Milk **
AMS 35-VCF Apr 2004
AMS 39-VCF Sep 2001
AMS LB5 Aug 2011
AMS LB9 Aug 2011
Packaged Perishable Foods / Frozen or Slacked **
AMS-FV Oct 2007 Out of Production (see note about operating range below)
  • * First "X" denotes number of shelves, seconnd & third "XX" denotes number helixes.
  • **Although these vendors are supplied with health safety switches, they may also be used to vend non-perishable food.
  • The Frozen Food vendor will also operate in the `chilled-food' temp range and the health timer is activated by default when operated within either NAMA-rquired temperature range.
  • Any of these models may be manufactured by the AMS subsidiary INTERNATIONAL A.M.S. S DE RL DE CV.

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