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8 Inspiration Lane
Chester, CT 06412
Phone: 203.653.6170
Web Site:
email: [email protected]

Effective Date

Frozen Packaged Perishable Foods
DIVI FC01 Jul 2018
INFEVO-FS01-N Aug 2011 Out of Production
INFEVO-FS01-N May 2013
Ice Cream and Frozen Foods
F631-N Apr 2001 Out of Production
FRI-Z400NAB May 2004 Out of Production
OD-820N Feb 2003 Out of Production
Packaged Non-Perishable Foods
INFEVO-NFS03-N Aug 2011 Out of Production
INFEVO-PNFS03-N May 2013
Refrigerated Packaged Perishable Foods
INFEVO-FS01NR Dec 2012 Model number may contain a dash before the NR or shown as listed here
INFEVO-PFS01NR May 2013 Out of Production

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