Companies Previously Listed: No Longer Participating in the NAMA Machine Evaluation Program

Companies listed on this page have in the past participated in the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Machine Evaluation Program. Some may have had machines approved and listed. Only machines listed during the particiapation of the companies and still be in operation today are considered acceptable to NAMA, provided they are maintained. Machines were evaluated using the NAMA contruction standard and FDA Food Code in effect at the time of the company's participation. Some machines were manufactured and approved for perishable food at the old temperature standard of 45℉. These machines are no longer considered accpetable for use.

24-7 Pizza Box, Inc.01-29-2018
25 CENT H2O04-03-2016
Advantage Vending12-06-2003
Aguacol USA Corp.01-29-2018
Alka Vending LLC01-29-2018
All State Manufacturing, Inc.07-19-2002
American Clear Water Systems09-20-2016
American Dispensing Co.07-19-2002
Appart, llc.01-21-2004
Aqua Fill01-15-2013
Aqua Polar12-08-2012
Aqua Products, Inc.10-05-2015
Arctic Ice & Water Co.01-05-2011
Arctic Industries, Inc.12-07-2007
Bag of Ice12-09-2022
Balboa Car Washes, Inc.01-29-2018
Bianchi Vending Group SPA06-29-2015
Bicom SRL12-09-2022
BingH2O, Inc.07-19-2002
Blevi, LLC08-10-2023
Bluewater USA, Inc.05-03-2021
Briggo, Inc.12-09-2022
Cafe X Technologies12-31-2022
Cafection Enterprises01-29-2018
Coffee-Inn's LLC02-08-2002
Compu Shop Inc.02-13-2003
Crane Merchandising Systems, Automatic Products08-07-2019
Crane Merchandising Systems, GPL08-07-2019
Crystal Pure Drinking Water08-03-2006
Deutsche Wurlitzer USA12-07-2005
Drink Up01-29-2018
Durastill, Inc.08-03-2006
Dyna-Pro Environmental12-09-2022
Earth Trade Water Inc.06-29-2015
Ecos Water USA Inc.01-08-2013
Edina Technical Products11-24-2008
Entre Pure Industries, Inc.12-09-2008
Esc Company08-27-2018
Euro Cafe05-17-2021
Evive Station LLC10-22-2019
Fresh Water Vending08-07-2018
Generation Next Franchise Brands01-07-2021
Golden Gateway Partners, LLC05-03-2021
Golden Goose Enterprises Inc.12-09-2022
Got Ice And Water Inc.02-02-2017
Intermatic Manufacturing Inc05-01-2013
Jim Coleman Company12-10-2014
JuiceBot & Co LLC12-09-2022
Kalerm/Mars Drinks UK Ltd07-06-2016
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.10-22-2021
KRh Thermal Systems Inc.01-13-2009
Laser Star Amusement, Inc.08-15-2016
LHD Vending04-13-2011
Minelli Coffee12-09-2022
Minutepop USA01-05-2011
MIPS LLC.10-08-2013
Mother Earth Water Vending LLC.12-09-2022
My Water09-24-2014
National Water Vendors05-03-2007
New Age Pavillions LLC12-09-2022
Pacific Mist04-07-2008
Paradise Springs Water Vending Systems, Inc.03-17-2004
pH Plus Vending, LLC09-22-2016
Progema SRL03-12-2008
Prosyd Srl07-19-2011
Purely Water, Inc.12-31-2013
Rowe International, Inc.08-06-2003
Royal Vendors, Inc.07-14-2020
Sapha Water Vending12-31-2022
Savamco Manufactureing, Inc./FRD Systems, Inc.10-07-2008
Sparkling Fresh01-06-2005
Spring Time U.S.A. LLC12-09-2008
Squeez'd To Go12-09-2022
Stoelting, A Vollrath Company04-16-2021
The H2Only02-11-2002
The Ice Depot06-24-2020
The Lobster Zone09-15-2011
Tiger Supermarket Corp.10-05-2015
True Manufacturing Company12-09-2022
Union Square Food Concepts, LLC02-02-2017
Unitech Water system Corp.12-13-2007
Vend Ever05-01-2013
VendiBean, LLC08-27-2018
Vending Extreme02-11-2011
Vending Machines International PTE12-09-2022
Vendo Company12-07-2005
Water For Less12-09-2022

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