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From InTouch Magazine Spring 2018 Issue


VP of Marketing, Newco Enterprises Inc.

BA from New York University
WIN Member; NAMA event attendee for 20+ years

How did you begin your career?
I began working at Newco at age 14 dressed as a NewTap at a coffee service convention in Las Vegas. At age 16, I began working in the assembly line doing activities such as pulling the release liner off of stainless steel, counting spanner nuts and painting the walls. After learning about the products I later found my niche in marketing and graphic design.

What are the skills you use most in your career?
Multi-tasking is very important in my day. Creativity, flexibility, staying abreast of technology, and social/team building skills are extremely critical.

How did you get into the convenience services industry?
Newco started as a supplier of coffee brewing equipment to the office coffee service (OCS) industry. The convenience services industry was a natural offshoot to our original market.

Give us an overview of your role and key responsibilities.
I try to make sure that our design team has a clear path and make sure not to stand in their way. If they have a vision or impulse they must have the space they need to create. It is amazing what creative people are capable of if they are given the freedom to fly.

What does an average day for you involve?
I bounce from place to place. Our goal at Newco is to be proactive with our customers, so my day does not always go in the way I originally planned.

What do you believe are the biggest challenges you face in your business?
A major challenge is finding a balance between the knowledge of the seasoned professionals at the Company, and the tools of today’s modern business environment. Technology changes the way we design, communicate, and market our products. Our brewers and our staff must stay cutting-edge. (But yes, we still sell our original brewer.)

What are the greatest opportunities?
Keeping products trendy and customized is always our goal. The problems and ideas of our customers send us in the right direction.

What are you looking forward to at The NAMA Show?
I always look forward to exhibiting our latest new products and watch attendees react to them. I really enjoy the guest speakers, education seminars and the social aspects provided by NAMA. Always nice to step outside of my bubble.

Moving forward, what are your personal/professional goals?
Growing with our team from concept to reality is always a focus. I hope to someday design a coffee brewer that will be sold at the MOMA store. Meanwhile, my focus is on continuous improvement as a manager, a person, and as the mother of two great children.

Tell us about the most memorable work experience you’ve had.
At the age of 14, I attended my first trade show in Las Vegas. Besides dressing as a NewTap, I walked the show floor, met many people, and was amazed at the breath of products in the industry.

After a long day of work I attended my first Vegas show and was asked to join Jim Nabors on the stage. My dance with a boa is still one of my core memories.
On a serious note, it is deeply rewarding to see our products and our designs all over the world.

What advice would you offer young people starting their careers in this industry?
Never proudly tell people that you do not drink coffee. Learn to drink and appreciate the history and the tradition of coffee.

As a WIN member, in your own words, what is the value of participating in the group?
I hope to get to know other professional women, build relationships, and learn more about the industry.