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Certified Coffee Specialist (CCS)

The Certified Coffee Specialist (CCS) designation is the coffee service industry's Mark of Distinction awarded by NAMA. It provides those professionals who are actively involved in convenience services the opportunity to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. Be recognized as an industry leader and prove your expertise.

Who should earn the CCS designation?

  • Coffee sales professionals
  • Sales managers
  • Company owners
  • Route sales representatives

In order to qualify to sit for the CCS examination, you must have at least one year of industry-related experience, and have completed at least two of the four The Essence of Coffee modules.

There is a charge of $150 for members and $250 for non-members to register for the exam.


Module 1 - Coffee Concepts

This first module of a four-part series will take you on a journey starting with the origin of coffee from its history through roasting, blending and the finished product.
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Module 2 - It’s in the Cup

Module 2 will begin with a discussion and tasting of a variety of coffee taste profiles and blends, and will continue with an overview of brewing equipment and the experience offered to the customer.
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Module 3 - Coffee Commerce

There is more to growing your office coffee service than just sending out a sales force. Your growth strategy will be defined by a number of factors. In this session, you will gain a better understanding of four key aspects relating to growing your coffee service operation:

  • Financial choices relating to business development – organic growth or acquisition?
  • Building a sales force and a culture – how to assemble a winning team.
  • Sales techniques for OCS – proven strategies that your sales reps can use.
  • Storytelling (verbally and online) – how storytelling can help close deals.

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Module 4 - Top to Bottom OCS Operations

In today’s OCS environment it is critically important that a company establish a work environment that consists of a strong working relationship between operations and sales. Take a deep dive into how to effectively establish the strategic objectives of revenue growth, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for an OCS organization. Gain a better understanding of how to bring to fruition the true teamwork of operations and sales, to ensure that the winner is the bottom line!
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Apply for the CCS Examination

Questions? Please contact Eric Larson at [email protected].

Please list your date of attendance for at least two of the four The Essence of Coffee modules. Please use N/A for the modules that you have not yet attended.

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Certified Coffee Specialist Registry

Walter Abele Vistar of Greensboro
Kim Albrecht Regency Business Solutions
Sandy Albright PrairieFire Coffee Roasters
David Barrientos G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
John Battaglia J & J Vending, Inc.
Tom Bauer The Standard Companies
Kathy Bennett G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Britannie Betti Betson Enterprises
Leonardo Bettoli Bettoli Trading Corp DBA J & H Vendor
Terrie Blackstone G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Mike Blackwell G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Jim Bombeck G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Margie Bonner Sunrise Beverage Service
Michael Brooks Burdette Beckmann, Inc.
Mike Brown G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Bruce Burch Jackson Brothers of the South
Kathy Burfield G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Tara Burnaman DS Waters
Joe Capps Atlanta Coffee Time
Mario Carrizosa G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Stu Case Burdette Beckmann, Inc.
Wayne D. Chai BVI dba Go Green Vending
Scott Chancellor Relyant Coffee Equipment Services
Howard Chapman Royal Cup, Inc.
Mike Craig G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
John Cunningham Filterfresh Tampa
Kevin Daw KNJ Sales
Jeff Deitchler PrairieFire Coffee Roasters
Scott Dimick Premier Vending
Tom Dolan G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Linn D. Donkersgoed PrairieFire Coffee Roasters
Todd Elliott Tomdra, Inc.
Lori Endres G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Keith Enscoe Grindmaster Corporation
Michael Esposito Prestige Services
Howard Fischer Mid-America Roasterie
Michael Flanagan Canteen Vending
Jon Ford All State Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Jim Fronberry Pavlic Vending Service, Inc.
Steve Garbee Royal Cup, Inc.
Richard Geerdes
Jeff Gehman Consolidated Coffee Services
Dean Gilland  
George Goodwin Canteen Vending Services
John Graczyk Filterfresh Coffee Service
Larry Gray G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Danny Green G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Matt Greenwald Betson Enterprises
Mel Hage 3M Purification, Inc.
Patrick Hagerty Vistar
Tim Hall Excelso Coffee, LLC
Tom Harrington DS Waters, LP
Paul Hawley PrairieFire Coffee Roasters
Don Haynes G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Frank Heatherly G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Chris Heaton Enterprise Vending, Inc.
Jason Helm Pop Top Vending
Craig Hesch A.H. Management Group, Inc.
Chris Hettinger Canteen Vending Services
Eddie Hicks Prestige Services, Inc.
Jenny Hill Pentair Everpure
Steve Hill G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Kelly Hobson Atlanta Coffee Time
Kerry Hoff Southern Market
Bill Hoffman Atlanta Coffee Time
Edward Holloran Filterfresh Coffee Service, Inc.
Ryan Huber G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Steve Hyde Brew Tek
Robert Keenan G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Duane Kemp G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Chris King Paramount Coffee
Prakash Kopparapu Seaga
Dan Kozlak G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Paul LaMontagne Pepsi Beverages Company
David Larimer DCL Consulting Services
André Larouche Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
David Leach Starbucks Coffee Company
David Lentz Mars Drinks
Sid Lindholm Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Dan Mathews VisionQuest Associates & Oakridge-Petoskey LLC
Mike McClure G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Chuck Meyers G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Tico Moreno The Java Butler
Jim Mosley Southern Refreshment Services
Jim Nelson Everpure, LLC
Rod Nester Smith Vending, Inc.
David Norvalls Everpure/Pentair
Sarah O'Connor Intermark
Jeremy Paretti A.H. Management Group, Inc.
Geoff Paul Excelso Coffee & Tea Co.
Roger Pepper G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Tom Peters Pentair
Ann Porter G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Alexander Radosav Technologies Coffea
David Rich Acme Music & Vending Co., Inc.
Cole Richardson G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Amanda Rodewald Intermark
Barbara Russell Holiday House Distributing
David Sale G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Jonathan Samster D & S Food Services, Inc. / Davian's
Annie Sawa Patterson Co., Inc.
Rich Schaafsma Paramount Coffee Company
Paul Schindelar Kraft Foods, Inc.
Roy, Jr. Seppala Vistar
Ken Shea DS Waters
Rob Shoemake G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Greg Sidwell G & J Marketing Company
Stuart Siegal G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Shawn T. Smith BE's Coffee & Vending Service
Craig Stahl G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Gregory Steen PrairieFire Coffee Roasters
Brenda Stegeman Patterson Co., Inc.
Tom Steuber Associated Services
Erik Stevenson Cascade Bottled Water
Roger Stewart  
Ashilyn Sunderman Smith Vending, Inc.
Mike Thorpe G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Dawn Tisdell G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Brent Toevs National Coffee Service & Vending Brokerage
Gary Tokarski G & J Marketing and Sales LLC
Mike Tompkins Coffee Products Associates, Inc.
Lyle Trumbley VVS, Inc. (Canteen)
Paul A. Tullio Gourmet Coffee Service
Peter Tullio World Wide Vending/Gourmet Coffee Service
Brian Urban Compass Group / Canteen
Butch Winkler Holiday House Distributing
Ward Yondo Paramount Coffee