Explore the spectrum of convenience services: vending to coffee services to micro markets and beyond. Learn about the trends and innovations shaping our industry.


The convenience services industry is full of cutting-edge technology, from pre-kitting systems to touch screen vending machines to cashless payments to ordering by app to Google Glass route driver gear. Check out the videos below to learn more about how technology helps our industry deliver convenience.

Additional Resources

VDI Standards

The following industry standards are officially labeled as VDI-Compliant having successfully passed vetting and early adoption testing by the NAMA VDI Task Force.

VDI VMS-MMS - Vending-to-Micro-Market Integration Standard Version 2.0 [2023] (pdf)

VDI VMS-MMS - Vending-to-Micro-Market Integration Standard Version 1.0 [2016] (pdf)

VDI S2S DEX - Server-to-Server DEX Standard Version 1.1 [2011] (pdf)

Committee Contacts

Committee Chair
Chad Francis at [email protected]

Director of Standards and Technology
Anton Rakushkin at [email protected]

Committee Coordinator
Michael Kasavana at [email protected]

Cashless Vending

MDB v4.3

Data Security White Papers

The NAMA Data Security Taskforce recently released the following white papers, free to NAMA members.

The mission of the taskforce is to educate the NAMA membership on the existing PCI standards, ensure the understanding of existing standards, and advance the application of the existing standards for the convenience services industry. Data security is essential for all convenience services companies, and this task force delivers the most up-to-date information to NAMA members in the form of white papers, webinars, and live education events.

Data Security Best Practices

Understanding the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

Check out all of the white papers available in the NAMA Store.

Dr. Kasavana Technology White Paper Series

Dr. Kasavana’s popular Technology white paper series has been recently updated with the latest information. Each white paper delivers insights and information to help you leverage the latest technology for your business. White papers can be purchased in the NAMA Store.